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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Saturday Saints

hello family! 

sorry this is coming so late. we have been at the cafe for like three hours waiting because the internet was down. and it was full of people so there were no open computers. this week was so great! like i said last week, i got a new companion, Elder Kabwika. he is such a cool guy! he is super nice, and a very hard worker. he has been on mission for almost ten months, so he is still pretty young, but we are working together well. 

here is a pic of me and my new companion from church yesterday. 
the tie i am wearing is our mission tie. it is made out of kente.
This week has been filled with failed appointments, but we have been doing a lot of contacting. luckily when we have a failed appointment it is somehow easy to find someone to teach. if you tell them the you teach the word of God, they will always let you sit down and talk haha it is great. especially if you speak in twi, they instantly love you. it has been a fun week with a lot of changes. 

We met this really nice lady who we asked if she knew which church we were from, and she said,"yes of course! you are from the Saturday saints church." hahahahahahahahaha i laughed so hard, and it was kind of right in her face.... but she also thought it was funny to see obrunie laughing hysterically. so it was good. 

This week the water has been off for most of the time, but it was okay. i am getting good at showering with pure water now ;) it was also funny because i had to teach Elder Kabwika how to shower with pure water. i don't know how he has spent 10 months in Ghana without having a pure water shower. he is a funny guy. 

On Saturday i baptized two of our investigators! W----- and A----- were both baptized, and are confirmed a member of the church. it was so good. they are L----'s younger sisters. it was funny, we were teaching the word of wisdom to them, and they are twelve so i was expecting that there wouldn't be a problem besides maybe tea, but A----- came right out and said that she like alcohol... hahah i don't know who gave her some, but she said she would never touch it again hahahah. i was shocked. 
on thursday, we went to a recent convert to visit and to help her with her my family book, and when we got there she was cooking outside, and her three year old son was running around being crazy and singing and stuff. as we were talking, the small boy came up and bit me straight in the leg! hahahah it hurt so bad, but then he gave me a mango so i forgave him. it was cute. 

Dang, sounds like your guys' week was good. sorry you were sick dad. that sounds pretty miserable. that's so cool that the red sox got David Price!!! that makes me excited.

Our investigators are doing well! we have some great new investigators that we are teaching! i just pray that they continue to have the desire to learn, and to progress. there is a bright future if we keep working hard.

It is totally true, the hard parts make you grow fast. if you don't chose to grow and learn from the trials, you will die. your mission will suck. and you wont be able to fulfill your purpose as a missionary. i have found that it is so important to have trials. i was reading in the book of either chapter 12 this last week, and it talk a TON about faith. i love that it expresses that success or miracles wont come until AFTER the trial of your faith. it is important that we are thankful for our trials. sometimes you feel like you're killing yourself when you thank Heavenly Father for our trials, but if we pass the trial with faith we will enter into the realm where miracles happen. (thank you Parker for that quote, i love it) 

i haven't had any crazy food lately. i think it was Tuesday night, we went to L----- house to teach W----- and A----, and their mom fed us appeley. i had never had it before, but it was nice. it is kind of like banku but not as sour. i thought it was good. and it is a Congolese food, so Elder Kabwika was loving it.

My laundry situation is okay. we have a lady that we give our clothes to and she washes them, but i was my garments and sometimes my shirts by hand. i hate washing by hand hahaha when i have kids i will use that as punishment lol.

Twi is coming cacra cacra lol that means small small. i can greet people and have very very very small conversations, and i can also pray a short prayer. but i hope to go to the bush for a long time so that i can learn more twi.

You are sending me another package??? THANK YOU!!!!!! I'm so excited! that will be the best! what is in it?? how long ago did you send it?

haha sorry mom, but no new boob story this week. just the usual breast feeding at least once a day lol 
also Elder Yao is in Tesano now. he is with Elder Nxele. he was called as a district leader, so that is good for him.

i hope you all have a great week and stay safe! love you all! 

Elder Eldredge

p.s. also i forgot, but i worked it out with a member. he is going to let me use his computer to Skype on Christmas! i was thinking i could call at 3 o clock Ghana time. which is 8 o clock am mountain time. would that work??

p.p.s  okay! i wanted to tell you about this fabric called kente. it is only found in Ghana, and it is super pretty. it is weaved in a really cool way, and they have some really cool designs. a lot of the missionaries like to use it to make ties, or scripture cases. when you buy it, you buy it in strips. and one strip costs anywhere from 10 cedis to 30 cedis. but with one strip you can make two ties, or one scripture case. and it is super cheap. it only costs like 6 cedis to make a tie. so i was thinking i could make some ties and give some out when i got home. 

p.p.p.s. oh ya, i also forgot to answer your question about the new mission president. President Hill is still the president right now, but in January we get a new temporary president, President Snow. He will be president until July when we will get our new mission president. so i will have three mission presidents while I'm on mission. haha 

another pic from when D------ stole my camera
the harmataan in the morning is so thick. it clears up during the day tho
this is D------ ... he stole my camera while we were teaching his sisters W----- and A-----. i love that kid haha 

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