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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, November 30, 2015

An Uncountable Number of Souls

hello family! 

wow it sounds like you all had a really nice week! lots of family fun. i miss that. but i feel like my family here is pretty good. this week i have felt unusually at home. its nice to finally feel comfortable. this week i played the role of senior companion. so i lead the whole week. i think i grew more in this past week than i have the whole first two months of my mission. i have a strong testimony that if you do what you are supposed to, and work as hard as you possibly can the Lord will take care of the rest. i saw that a lot this week. i cant tell you how many lessons i taught where i had absolutely no idea what to say. or how to answer someone questions, but as soon as i opened my mouth and started to talk i knew what i needed to say. it was so powerful, and i will never forget it. i love my Heavenly Father so much. sometimes i wonder why he cares so much. i was thinking about me only being a small part of the universe. i am only one in an uncountable number of souls, and my Heavenly Father still loves me more than i could ever comprehend, and knows me better than even i know me. i am so grateful for that. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL SO MUCH! it is true, and i could never and never would deny it. i am so thankful for the sacred calling i have to be able to spend all of my time and energy toward bringing the truth to everyone i meet.

This week was so great! like i said before i was senior companion for the week, and so i led every day. i have slowly come to the realization that i HATE contacting people by knocking on their door, but i loved finding people while in their shop or on the street. see for me, i am white haha and because i am white people love to say obrunie as i go by, so whenever someone says obrunie i just stop and talk to them. haha it has been effective so far. we taught 35 lessons this week! and we found some really amazing people who seem really interested. in order for you to know for sure if someone is interested is if they let you teach two or more lessons. because in ghana if you tell someone that you share the word of God, they are all ears haha but some people are stubborn and once you start to talk about the Book of Mormon they get defensive and say that they only need the bible haha. they are crazy. it is sad how absolutely lost people are here, and they dont even know it. but that is why im here :)

One night this week we were riding our bikes home and we passed a shop that sells water. i made eye contact with the woman who owned the shop, and i decided that i should stop. as i turned my bike around and started toward her, she started screaming across the street for someone named La----. haha she seemed extremely distressed. when i got to her i realized why she was called the girl. the woman couldn't speak English, and since I'm white she knew i would[n't] speak twi so she called her daughter over to translate for me haha. but they are so awesome! we gave them both the restoration and when we went back the next day, they had read almost the whole thing! i was so happy because you know someone is interested when they read the book. (Ghanaians dont like to read at all) and it also makes the lesson go a lot better. it was so nice. and as we were teaching, three more of her daughters came to the shop and listened to the lesson. so there is potential for five baptisms right there! i am excited for them. i could tell that they were so happy to hear what we were telling them. they knew it was true.

I think it was on Saturday night, but an investigator made us ampeceay. which is just boiled plantains with some sort of stew, in this case we had fish and egg stew.... haha it was a miracle that i chopped all.. hahaha even, as i was eating i picked up my third plantain and underneath floating in the oil was a dead mosquito... freak. lol i didn't puke, but i wanted to hahaha. i hope i wont have to eat that too many more times ;)

I also had a sweet African shirt made this week! the tailor made it pretty slim-fitted tho, so it is kind of hard to put on and take off, but its sweet. ill send a pic.
oh ya i almost forgot again! last week, we were riding our bikes down the main road and a big muslim guy went passed us on his scooter. as he drove passed us he started yelling at elder yao who was in front of me saying, "american! american! CIA CIA!" hahaha so he passed us and we caught up to him at the mosque and started talking to him. he said that we were CIA and that we came to Ghana so that we could spy on them and make a plan to bomb Ghana. HAHAHAHA he was being totally serious! he even said that the button on my shirt was a camera lol he was crazy.
but anyway that is my funny story about a muslim man. gotta love it
i hope you all have a great week!! i love you all so much, and miss you all a ton! but all is well, all is well ;) stay tuned, pics are coming your way
love elder eldredge

P.S. parker! great to hear from you. sorry about you and gretel... but no wahala bro. (no wahala means no worries) your Heavenly Father is perfect, and He has a PERFECT plan for you. love you bro. i miss you so much! it is true, our missions are very different, but at the same time they have the same exact purpose. i am so thankful to have you as my older brother. i am proud to follow your example. that is sweet that you are applying for the photography course! you should call my buddy devin! i know for a fact he has some cool spots for you to take pics. but i have faith in you. you are a great photographer. keep it real bro. love you

also.. i forgot to put it in the main email. but i went to the health clinic near my apartment the other day, and i weighed myself. i have gained 16 pounds hahaha im getting kind of fat.

i also found these really cool bead bracelets where you could get any countries flag you wanted. so i had some made with dad's, parker's, and my mission flags on them. 

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