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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Some Members Made Us Foo Foo with Aponchey

Hello Everyone!

This week has been great! i cant remember exactly what happened, but it was good! everything happens so fast here so it is kind of hard to remember what happened haha. This week we were fed so well! we ate foo foo with light soup one night, banku with pepea for lunch another day, and yesterday some members made us foo foo with aponchey. which is goat soup. it was so nice! i love foo foo, and i am getting more used to banku. i ate a whole ball of banku without gagging! so thats good haha.

This week we taught i think 23 or 24 lessons, which is kind of a low number, but we had some really really good lessons where i felt the spirit so strong. so i was happy with our teaching this week.
on friday i went on an exchange with one of our zone leaders. his name is elder straddling, and on that day we only got to teach two lessons... it was super sucky. BUT i taught three white people! hahaha they were from Germany doing some sort of study or something in Ghana. one of them was from Freiburg i think is how you spell it, but i guess she is going to school is Konstanz when she goes back to Germany. so that's cool haha. i never would have thought i would teach white people, but i got to teach three in one day lol.

I gave a talk in church yesterday on faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. it was just a short talk, but it went well. i love to bear my testimony. and hopefully it touched the hearts of our four investigators that were there. i never realized how much your testimony could grow from simply bearing it to people. i love this gospel so much!

Today we had our zone activity, and all 24 of us, and the APs went to buduburam to play soccer. it was pretty fun! i scored a goal! haha then i started to sweat really bad, and sat under the tree for the rest of the time. after soccer we went to the apartment in buduburam and ate a lot of chicken and rice and french fries. it was so good. it was also fun to be with the whole zone. i like them all a lot.

Missionaries here don't like to wear their priesthood on Mondays, and today i felt like i should. so i wore my priesthood to go to the cafe. when we got to the cafe, all of the computers were taken so elder fryar and i went to the market to look around. man, EVERYONE was asking who i was and wanted to talk to me. so i got to contact some really nice people. I'm so glad i decided to wear my priesthood, because i know that if i didn't, no one would have asked me who i was or what is was doing in Ghana. none of the people i contacted were living in my area, and i don't know if they will progress in the church, but i have a feeling they might :)
anyway everything is good in Ghana.

I will try to send some pictures, but i have to use elder fryars card reader, and i don't know how long he will use it for and i think someone else is using it after him. but i will try my hardest!

I was just thinking about chad the other day! i would love to get his emails if you could! i will try to email him as well.

Sounds like it was a pretty good week at home! im glad you are all still alive and doing well.
for my plaque you can use Helaman 14:30. i like that one.

I love you all so much! stay safe and do the work!

Love Elder Eldredge
here is our kitchen. the stove is just behind me 

mine and elder yao's room. my bed is the farthest one. last week it rained and i left my window open and my bed got soaked! haha i felt pretty dumb

pic from L----'s baptism
my shower last week. so good ;)

this little kid is super cute. he is one of L-----'s little brothers

these are all either L----'s siblings or some of her neighbors. i took out my camera and they wanted to have a photo shoot hahaha. they were all posing and i took a ton of pictures.

elder broadhead and i caught a baby goat. and then we ate his father for dinner lol jk but kind of we did..

dig in! foo foo and aponchey (goat)

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