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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bush - week one: I Felt Like I was in Africa for the First Time

Happy Monday everyone! 

Wow that is a lot of questions, but i am glad because i had no idea where to even start. 
the bush is soooo pretty! i absolutely love it here! it is just a bunch of trees, and grass. And the houses are made out of mud. it is so cool. when i first got there i actually felt like i was in Africa for the first time. it is awesome. my new companion is super nice. he is quiet and very spiritual. i like him a lot. Zimbabweans are always super nice.

This week has been a little crazy tho.. the area that i taking over, is an area where the sister missionaries are working. so for the week we had to proselyte with them along with a ward missionary.. so we were five, everywhere we went. you can imagine how difficult it was to teach with four other people.. it was hard to know who was going to speak and what they were going to say. but in all the week was great! we met a lot of members, and recent converts. and the sister missionaries are so nice! my companion and i are taking over two areas, so we switched off with two sets of sisters every other day. two of them were from Uganda (sister Nakafeero, and sister Namutebi) and one is from ivory coast (sister Zadi) and the other was from Nigeria (sister Udo) so since they were still living in their apartment, we had to stay with the other elders in the area next to ours. it is called Kojo Bedu. we had 11 missionaries staying in a 6 man apartment.. 6 cape coast missionaries, and 5 Accra west missionaries. and one bathroom.......... hahaha it was crazy. i felt like i was in home alone 2 when they wake up late to go to the airport and they are running around like a ton of ants. haha it was bad, but no one got in a fight. some were close, but it never happened lol. but only one more night haha. 

I like my area a lot! it is huge, but it is nice. we have one area that is pretty bushy, and then our other areas are just small town. but i like it because it is so quiet and peaceful. in Kasoa you couldn't escape the loud noises and the lessons were always disturbed. but here the spirit can thrive. i love it. 
we just have one branch, and it is very small. but the members are super nice. when they sent our missionaries to the new zone they chose a ton of young guys. except for the zone leaders and district leaders, we are all under six months on mission. haha it is crazy but it is fun. we all know each other really well. i am so happy to be in Winneba.

Sounds like you guys have had a great week! i cant handle hearing about all this amazing food tho.. haha that all sounds so good you don't even know.
ill have to figure out a way to get in contact with whoever is coming to Ghana so i can give them the scripture bag i guess.

Dang! I don't have any idea where they might be, but you can find some exercise bands at sports authority for cheap. and can you try to find me a calculator watch as well? That would be so nice!
haha i almost forgot to write about something that happened to us this week. our fist day in Winneba we went to the main street and we were walking by the road side when i just heard someone yelling at us. he was this super drunk rasta guy who told us to leave his country, or else he would kill us.. haha i haven't seen him yet so don't worry. then we saw a guy just walking around town... naked. BUTT NAKED hahahaahah people just didn't mind him or anything. it was a normal thing i guess lololol 

Anyways my week was awesome. interesting, but amazing! thank you for everything! stay safe and have a great week! love you all!!!

Elder Eldredge  

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