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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, March 14, 2016

In Africa, we live by the grace of God

This week has been such a blessing! we definitely experienced some miracles throughout this week! one miracle was rain! haha the weather was so great this week! everyday was pretty windy and overcast. and last night it rained so hard all night! i couldn't even sleep from the noise of the rain hitting our tin roof. it was loud, but i was so happy to wake up this morning to a rain storm. and it rained for quite a while during the day.

Another miracle from this week is a guy named George. we were just walking down the street when one of our investigators called us over. she just said, "preach to this guy" haha so we started to talk and talk. long story short, we gave him a baptismal date right then and there, and we also started to fill out the baptismal record with him. sadly he didn't come to church, but we are praying for next week :)

We currently have 7 investigators with a baptismal date, but how many of them came to church? zero.. lol so we are praying that they will all be able to make it to church this week. please i beg keep them in your prayers.

My companion is getting better and better at speaking English. i am trying my best to teach him. well help him improve. i am the last person who should be teaching anyone English haha. but he is doing great. none of his companions have done language study with him since he came in Ghana, so he has basically taught himself haha. it is sad really. i don't know why they didn't do any language study with him. so we are going to start  doing language study as much as we can.

This morning was great! we had a wonderful privilege to be able to listen to Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. he came to speak to us at our combined mission conference. he talked a lot about how a missionary is called, and how we are called by divine revelation. he asked how many of us had hopes of going somewhere else other than Ghana. haha i am not going to lie, i raised my hand. he said, "don't worry, i felt the same way before i received my mission call. but i can promise you that this is exactly where you are supposed to be." and it is true. i know without a doubt that this is the perfect mission for me. i love Ghana! haha  it was great to be able to receive council from him.

After he talked, i was able to see some of my friends from the mtc! i was so happy to be able to talk to and see all of them from my mission and from the Accra mission. it is crazy how much i love them even though i was with them for just 12 days. i consider them some of my best friends.

I feel great in my new area. the members are all so nice and willing to help us. and i have made so many new friends. Dansoman is a great town. we don't have bikes, we just walk a ton haha our area is pretty big and we have to go all over the place, so my legs are getting a good work out. it is good tho, they need it. i don't know why, but working out just has seemed like an awful idea since i came on mission. maybe it is because i don't want to sweat more than i already do, or what, but i need to get over it. everyone from my MTC was saying how big i was hahahaha it was funny. first they looked at my tag and said why?.. and then they said, "dang you are big" lololol

Also there is someone in my MTC who's name is Elder Jamison. It was cool i took his tag and put my tags together and it was my full name haha ELDER BEN, ELDER JAMISON, ELDER ELDREDGE. sorry i didn't take a picture..

Well that is about it for this week. thank you all for the emails! i love you and you are in my prayers! have a great week!

love, ELDER BEN 

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Elder Ferrin and I. it is crazy that he is going home in just 6 months! i remember being at his farewell like it was just yesterday.

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