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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Bye Bye Dansoman

Hello everyone! 

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! thank you for all the amazing mothers out there, and especially my mother. i love you! 

My mind is blank right now, trying to think of all the things that happened this week. i had such a great time skyping you! haha even tho i couldn't see your faces for a bit. 
my testimony of the Book of Mormon grows so much each week! i have never studied the Book of Mormon so deeply before in my life. i didn't realize what i was missing out on. i can stay on the same chapter for four days and receive new information every time! this book changes people. it brings them closer to our Heavenly Father and gives us more peace and understanding of our duties in this life. all we have to do is read it. I can testify to all of you that the Book of Mormon is true and that Christ is the son of God, the Savior and Redeemer of the world. 

This week we have been trying to do more service around our area, and it has made such a difference in how i look at missionary work. i loved it so much! from drying onions, to setting up and taking down chairs for weddings. lately i have just tried my best to be an answer to someone's prayers each day. being a blessing and doing all i can to forget myself and i have loved every minute of it. 
so on Saturday, we  attended a wedding of a couple in our ward and it was pretty nice actually. there were tons of people there and the way they do weddings in Ghana is pretty funny. First of all. after the vows were said the groom was invited i guess you can say to kiss the bride, and it was by far the most awkward kiss i have EVER seen. i wanted to cry a bit. hahahaha it is just because it is not their culture at all to show any display of affection in public, but still it was sad. 

But after they cut the cake and said toasts and what not, they brought the bride out into the middle and people just came around her and started dancing and screaming and they were literally throwing money at her and rubbing it in her face as she just sat there and took it. you can imagine me, being the only white person there, laughing out loud in the back and instead of the people watching the bride, they are just staring at me... it was an odd day. 

From Elder Peters' Blog
But one of our investigators came to the wedding out of no where! it was awesome. he was talking to everyone and making friends. he even told me that he just liked being at the church. and that he always felt so good when he was there. sadly he couldn't make it to church on Sunday because he attends Seventh Day Adventist church so he does he washing and house chores on Sunday usually.. so i hope that he will be able to find time to come to church because he is such a great guy. we had a super powerful lesson with him on Sunday about the Book of Mormon with one of our members so hopefully if the Book of Mormon wasn't enough yet for him to come to church, the young woman that came with us can persuade him to come ;) just kidding. 

So its true i am leaving Dansoman. i am super sad to leave actually. i love this place a lot. but i am excited for my new adventure in my new area, Achimota. plus i have a new assignment to be a District Leader. I have no idea what i am doing.... but I'm sure I can figure it out lol good thing Fletch is also a DL and he can help me out :)

Today was pretty great! i woke up and started washing all my clothes and sheets and stuff to get ready to pack tomorrow, and my companion came in and said, "you're doing it all wrong." and then he washed literally everything i own in less than 45 minutes as i rinsed and hung them up to dry. he's a stud African boy lol. then we went to Kaneshie and had a sweet zone activity. we watched as two Tongans and a Hawaiian killed, gutted, and roasted a pig.. it was wonderful. i wish i could send a video of them gutting it, but maybe when i get home we can just have a pig roast in our backyard and i will gut it for you ;) 

Well, i hope all of you had a wonderful week! i love you so much and you are all in my prayers. keep up the good work! 


Elder Ben

P.S. there is a mall in my new area and they are opening a pizza hut TOMORROW! destiny.

i dont know what this is, but our ward missionary plucked it from a tree and told me to eat it... not good. looked like brains and tasted like brains.

ye didi (let's chop)

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