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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Bye Bye, Pres. and Sis. Snow

Happy Monday everyone! 

it is super hot in this cafe and i am dying, plus my time is almost gone, so this might be a bit of a short email. 

Well, this week was amazing of course! i have had so much fun serving the Lord everyday! My area is full of Rastafarians and weed smokers, so it is always a blast teaching the word of wisdom haha. Pretty much everywhere you go, you can smell marijuana in the air. it gets pretty annoying, but just a testament that these people need help from their Savior. 

I did an interview for the zone leaders this week and the candidate was so cool. i asked him why he liked the church so much, and he said that he always gets such a wonderful feeling when he goes to church, and that it pushed him to be a better person. he said since he started going to church he stopped hanging out with his bad friends and stopped wearing immodest clothing. it helped me to realize even more how much our Heavenly Father can change us if we let him, and if we seek after him. this gospel is so beautiful.

i have a lot of respect for these people. they are not afraid to share what they believe at all. from the name of their shops like, "God will provide provision shop" to writings on their cars like "Jesus Christ, exalted king of kings," they are always showing those around them what they know to be true. even members teach their friends the gospel and bring them prepared for baptism! no missionaries needed! haha it is amazing what they can do when you invite them to act. even one of our investigators whom we just began teaching this week is teaching his friends! he is a barber and he puts his Book of Mormon on the table because he knows people will ask him about it, and he wants to explain that it isn't a devil book, but that it teaches about Jesus Christ! no wonder the gospel is growing faster here than anywhere else in the world.

i am so beyond blessed to be with such wonderful people. i dread the day i leave. 
yesterday, we had a farewell at the temple site for Elder and Sister Curtis, who served as the president of the Africa West area for the last five years. and also president and sis snow are leaving tomorrow. it was so fun to be there and to listen to them talk about their experience here in Ghana and in the whole Africa West area.

Elder Curtis talked about an experience he had when a group of Liberians came to the Accra, Ghana temple. he asked them about their trip here, and what it was like. they said that they took a tro tro for four days to get there! each night they would park the tro tro on the side of the road and sleep outside on the ground underneath the tro tro! four days there, four days back, plus a couple days in Ghana! he asked them how they could get work off for that long, and asked how they got permission from their bosses to come. one said he had to quit his job so that he could come to them temple, another said, i don't know what my boss will say, because he doesn't know where i am right now! hahah us Utahan's are so ridiculously blessed! go to the temple!
At the end, they invited everyone to come and shake his hand so he could say medaase (thank you) and instead of shaking his hand, i gave him a big ole hug hahah not sure how he felt about it, but a hand shake seemed inadequate. so yep, i hugged a general authority.. 

I love this place. i am so happy to be a missionary and to have such amazing examples around me here and at home. i have the best friends in the world! everyone is serving missions and staying strong. and my family rocks! God truly loves me, and if he loves me, i can just imagine how much he loves all of you!
Have a great week y'all!!

Love, Elder Ben

sorry mom, i was going to reply about pdays last week, but the light went out at the cafe.. haha but usually our pdays are a lot more busy than i want sometimes haha. we always just have a lot to do to prepare for the week like; wash, clean, cafe, go to the market, mail letters. 
washing is a big hastle i hate it haha last week we didnt even get time to wash our clothes, and i have been wearing some pretty dirty shirts this week. luckily i had enough g's to sustain for the week. 
we were planning on hiking to the top of a mountain a couple weeks ago, but the person who was going to show us the way to the top couldn't be there, so hopefully we will go there soon. 
sometimes we play football, which i want to do more. it is so fun! 
but lately we haven't had anytime to do anything but wash, cafe and shop/ cook.. kinda boring. but we always have a good time at night joining a family in our ward to do family home evening.

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