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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, June 26, 2017


Hey, everyone

She smacked the camera
Where do i begin? This week was unspeakable for two reasons. First reason is because I don't really know how to describe my feelings to you, and that might be good because of the second reason why my week is unspeakable; Due to some situations we are having with one of my favorite investigators, Jeremiah. In order to keep him safe I wont go into detail, all that has happened with him. He is doing great! He has felt the Spirit of God. He is changing me. That will have to suffice I guess. If you want to know more into detail you will have to email me personally.

So, this week was AWESOME! I am at the point where i love being here so much, that i am even going to miss having failed appointments and having investigators hide from us! I love being a missionary. 

Angela is also doing great! She has some bad voices around her telling her a lot of things, and Satan is really trying to stop her from coming to church, but we are smarter than Satan. We woke up early on Sunday to go to her house and pick her up for church! She came and now has so many solid good friends! We were pretty happy about that. 

We went on exchanges with Akweteman this week, which was great! I spent the day with Elder Wunderlich, and we had a good time. Half of our day was spent trying to get their stubborn baptismal font filled up. We tried three times, but ran into random problems each time and couldn't get it filled up. 

Sunday night, we were on our way home and started talking to a super nice Muslim man from the Bronx. At length, our conversation came to the subject of how much money we spend on average a day, and we told him we usually spend about 10-12 cedis, which is about 3 dollars, and he just looked at us with the shocked/concerned look on his face and said, "that is just not enough! Come take some stuff!" And he took us into his shop where he sells bulk goods from Sam's club and gave us some coco puff and fruit loops and some cranberry juice! Jack pot! 

Today was a solid day too. We went to Achimota and played a game of Ultimate Frisbee, which made me think of Parker even more haha. I also brought my gloves and taught a Ghanian kid how to play catch. He loved it! 

I am so happy to be here, and to serve my Master. This is the greatest thing I've ever done. I love my Savior. His gospel is true! 

Have a great week y'all! 

Elder Eldredge  

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