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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, July 10, 2017


Hey, everyone!

Being a missionary just keeps getting better and better, sadly time is also going faster and faster. Gotta make the most of what time I have left. This week was such a great week though. It had some sweet moments. We made some tacos for our stake president and his family on Monday night, celebrated the Fourth of July on Tuesday, had a great MLC on Thursday, and got some good news on Sunday!

Monday night, we had some missionaries staying at our apartment because they are training and needed to come in close to the mission home because their areas are so far away. We all went to our stake president's house in the evening and made tacos for him and his family. President loved them, but most everyone else couldn't eat theirs.. haha so all the missionaries had to eat five or so to finish all of them. I don't think they will want us to make anything for them again..

We have four Americans in our district, so on Tuesday we celebrated the Fourth of July by going to Eddy's Pizza and bought the biggest pizza's possible. I couldn't finish more than half of mine and my stomach is still in pain... Cheese is a killer if you haven't eaten much of it in two years.

We had MLC on Thursday, and it was really uplifting. Our focus for this transfer is finding in all its forms. That is something we definitely need to work on too. Sometimes it is easy for us to get lazy with finding new people because it is kind of easy to get a big teaching pool, but it is our duty to continue to find all the time. 

One insight I liked is in Moroni 7, where tells us the role of angels: 

31 And the office of their ministry is to call men unto repentance, and to fulfill and to do the work of the covenants of the Father, which he hath made unto the children of men, to prepare the way among the children of men, by declaring the word of Christ unto the chosen vessels of the Lord, that they may bear testimony of him.

32 And by so doing, the Lord God prepareth the way that the residue of men may have faith in Christ, that the Holy Ghost may have place in their hearts, according to the power thereof; and after this manner bringeth to pass the Father, the covenants which he hath made unto the children of men.

Angels are declaring the word unto the chosen vessels constantly so that they can bear testimony of Him. We are the chosen vessels as we keep the commandments and are willing to obey the Lord. This is how we can become an instrument in the hands of God so the residue of men may have faith in Christ. Awesome!

The rest of our week was great and busy as usual. On Sunday we had ward council meeting, and got some good news! Jeremiah will be able to get baptized as soon as we finish teaching him the lessons! Thank you everyone who prayed and fasted for him. The ward has been so loving to him and they are all still looking for a job for him. Hopefully we will find something for him to do.

Life is good. I love it here. I know this gospel is true, and that the Savior lives, and loves us. If we turn to Him, he will make life worth living.

Have a great week!! Love,



Fourth of July

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