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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wa Bor Dum Papa

Hello family! 

This week has been great!! the weeks go by faster and faster. my week was pretty normal. incredible as usual. and incredibly hot as usual haha

We didn't have any baptisms this week, but we will have two this coming Sunday, and one more the next Sunday! sadly, i wont be there to witness them because i have been transferred to Accra! my new area is called Dansoman. my new companions name will be elder locoochoo or something like that. he seems very nice. he is from the D.R. Congo, and because of visa issues he has served for over a year in Congo, so he doesn't speak English very well. but it will be alright. hopefully i will be able to teach him the language. we are white-washing the area so that will be fun haha. so much contacting will be done. 

I am pretty sad to leave Winneba tho. i love this place. i love the people i love the area and i love the zone that i am in. but i am still excited to go have new experiences in Dansoman. 
on Saturday we went all around our area with some of the members passing out invitations for the open-house next week. it was fun! it was nice to have the members there to help with the language barrier and also to have the people feel comfortable coming to the church. i am excited to hear how it turns out. 

We didn't have water this week, which was rough. the whole area is suffering. when we would go to meet people, they were never there because they had to go fetch water. it is sad. not having water will definitely humble you. simple things become really difficult. these people are much stronger than i am.

This morning we went to an investigator and less-active members house. we went so that i could say good-bye. they gave me the biggest bag of banku! it weighs like 10 pounds!!! hahah not sure what i am supposed to do with it but lunch today was nice :) 

Well not much really happened this week. except for oh ya! i talked with president snow, and my name tag is going to be changed haha. they are giving me another one that says ELDER BEN lolol no one can say Eldredge. so i am now ELDER BEN hahaha hopefully i get my tag tomorrow so that i can have it in my new area. i am pretty excited tho. for now it is not engraved, but hopefully before i go home it will be. 

Sounds like you are all having a great time in bryce canyon! tell Wade and Mia and all them that i say hello! and thank you grandma for sending me the package!! 

i love you all! have a great week, talk to you soon!

Love, Elder Ben

His comments about the transfer:

I know, i was shocked too. i have been here for five weeks haha. we came a week before the transfer started, and then this transfer was a four week transfer. i feel like i just unpacked haha now i am packing again and leaving. my new area is far too. they said that i have to just take a tro tro by myself tomorrow until i get to buduburam and then meet up with elder Nilsson and take a taxi with him. he will be going to the area right next to mine.

I'm excited! and there is a kfc really close to my new area haha and the guy who makes suits is super close too. 

we found a guy when we were contacting that was making kente haha it was so cool to watch him make it. takes some serious skill.
Me and Elder Sakala

hahaha this family is the funniest ghanaian family i have met. the one closest to you in the pic will be baptized this sunday, and we just re-activated the man lounging. the woman in the back is a less-active who came to church yesterday, and they are the best. they are the ones who gave me a ton of banku. 
my subject means "you are crazy!!" which in ghana if you say that, it is like the biggest insult haha. they always say it tho! it is hilarious. i have a video of the one in the blue saying wa bor dum papa. hahahahahaaha it makes me laugh so hard to watch it. i wish i could send it.

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