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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Two Different Kinds of People

Mondays are great! i love hearing from everyone and seeing so many pictures. even though it is weird to see so many white faces haha. 

This week was good! our area is starting to really come together. we went out with some of the members and found a ton of members houses, so that will help a ton. we also found someone that the sisters were working with! she is married to a member, and she was being prepared for baptism, but because she was pregnant they had to wait. but she gave birth haha so we will most likely baptize her next month. also we contacting a guy the other day, and he instantly accepted baptism! hahaha it was an absolute miracle. it made me so happy. i know that God prepares His children to receive the gospel. he too, will be baptized next month if all goes well. i love this gospel so much! 

This week was cool, because i got to see two different kinds of people: the first was the people who are willing to let the spirit teach them, they are so humble and ready to learn. and the other were those who felt like they knew everything about the gospel. even when we show them plainly the truth, they deny it. it is so sad. but now just isn't their time. it will come tho. i have noticed that the people who feel like they know everything are the ones who don't go to church at all.. i don't get it. i am so thankful to go to church every week, and to hear from a living prophet every six months. i cant wait for next months conference. i feel like we just had general conference, and now it is almost time again.

If you remember, i was preparing three people to be baptized in my last area, and on Sunday, one of them was baptized!! A------was baptized in the ocean at St. Charles beach. i was so happy to hear that it happened. As for the other two, they are still working on it. A-------'s sister, R---- is ready, but turns out she is 7 months pregnant.. so they will have to wait a couple months for that baptism to happen. and the other one: sister A---- had some things she needed to work out before she would be worthy to be baptized. she is leaving Ansaful tho.. so that is tough. but on the bright side.. she is coming to Dansoman! hahah i am praying that she is going to live in my area so i can teach her. if not, other missionaries will come. she is ready.

We were blessed with some little rain this week. even tho it was just for about ten minutes it was like heaven haha. 

Yesterday we were just walking past these houses and i saw someone cooking fufu, so i started to talk to her. she couldn't speak English at all.. but i could just understand her asking me if i could eat fufu, and i told her that i loved fufu! hahaha she gave us a seat, and we ate fufu. it was so good. it had been a long time since i had chopped fufu. the soup we had it with was light soup, and inside was cow... which in Ghana can be kinda sketchy. good thing we always bless the food :)
anyways, our week was great! soon we will bring souls unto Christ through the waters of baptism. (i pray)

I love you all so much! sounds like you had a great week! stay busy, there is no reason to not be busy. our time on this earth is too short haha. rest later. LOVE YOU

love Elder Ben

This is the face you make when you are about to eat something that you don't know if it will kill you or not.. hahahahaha
haha my companion called fufu, "fufu ghaha" lololo i was laughing so hard. he is still learning English, so sometimes he gets a little mixed up.
Bathroom Selfie

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