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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Blessing to Remember

Hello Family! 

This week went by so fast! sorry that last week's email was super crappy and short. we went to Swedru which is like this bigger city which was nuts. i don't like there haha it is too busy, and people are super rude to white people for some reason. we searched forever for a cafe and when we finally did we only had an hour before we had to make our way back to Ansaful. so i apologize.

This week was great tho! we are slowly building up our investigators. we have a lot of people to teach, it is just difficult to teach. they don't really speak too much English... or twi... they speak Fanti and a lot of it. but it is good i am learning it the best i can. i can understand most of what they say, but i need to work on replying. i am getting to be able to teach lessons very simply in Fanti haha. it is awful Fanti, but they understand at least. it is hard because i feel like we cant teach more than two or three principles because if we do they will just get confused.

I have been learning to cook stew to keep myself alive! hahah just kidding but we have a super nice apartment with a nice kitchen so i decided to learn how to cook. it is going well! we make stew probably twice a week and it is so good.

Yesterday at church we had a really good experience. we were teaching an investigator who came to church on her own a couple weeks ago. and as we were teaching her she just kind of buried her face down into her chest and started shaking.. i didn't know what to do. we just tried to talk to her and see what was wrong. we figured out that she had malaria and wasn't feeling well at all. we decided that we would give her a blessing. it was incredible. she was shaking very badly the whole time we were giving her a blessing, and then when my companion said amen she stopped. and we just stood in silence. it was so special and the spirit was so strong. it made me so thankful. this past two weeks i have heard alot about a thing called black priesthood. or joo joo. and i will tell you that it is real. the power is real. but i know that all power bows down to the power of the priesthood. we always need to be worthy and ready to protect ourselves from any outside powers.

I am so thankful for this gospel. i love being a missionary. they don't lie when they say it is the best two years. i cant believe i have already been here in Ghana for four months. I feel like i just got here yesterday.

Sounds like the life back home is great! thank you for the pictures and emails.
dad i know both of them! haha not well but i know exactly who they are. that's cool.

We have bikes now. they came last Wednesday. it is nice to have them. i don't think i got the picture of the Zimbabweans. The picture that you sent me of the chapel is my chapel! my apartment is just near there. you can"t see it in that picture but it is just down the road.

This morning we went to the beach and played american football and the other soccer. it was so fun! there was an insane man just watching us play tho haha it was kind of creepy. he just would write things on a piece of paper, and then kneel down and say a prayer and bury the paper in the sand. it was weird. he came into the picture that we took tho! sorry tho i don't have any way of sending pictures.. i need some sort of adapter/card reader. we are still struggling to find a good internet cafe as well. I'm sorry. it might be that i will send a ton of pictures when i get transferred to a new area... yikes.

Mom congrats on the scuba diving thing! that will be so cool! i am glad that me leaving didn't hinder your ability to have fun haha. thank you so much for making the scarf! i know she will love it! i love you mom!!!

Have a wonderful week! i love you all. stay safe. Can't wait to hear what happens this week.


Elder Eldredge  

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