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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, April 11, 2016

And That is Why I am Here

Hello fam and friends! 

This week was super special and i learned so much! i love being a missionary. it is funny how things work. sometimes there is something that you feel like you need to learn, the Lord comes in and picks you up and throws you onto the correct path. not by force, but he definitely knows how to put things on a silver platter sometimes. 

Everything that i needed to have happen, happened. and i didnt even know i needed it to happen. i knew that something needed to happen i just didnt know what. and now everything is working out so much better than before. i have felt so much love from the Lord through family and friends this week.
i am so thankful to have been blessed with everyone in my life. i sometimes wonder why i was blessed so much. how did i get so lucky? 

My testimony of the scriptures and the love that the Lord has for all of His children has grown so much over this week and a half.  realized that, that is the one and only message we have. everything we teach the people is because of one simple fact, that our Heavenly Father loves us. A love that cannot be comprehended. A love that cannot be measured. A love that each of us can feel if only we do the things that will help us to feel it. and that is why i am here. This gospel is the only way that the children of God can feel the complete and total love that God has for us. that is why i am here. 
sometimes we forget about our purpose. our purpose is to share the love that we have received to everyone that we can. we can get caught up in our own wants and duties. but if we focus on keeping the knowledge that God loves us we will always do what is right. and we can share that love. 

This week i have been studying about the savior. When Elder Rasband came to speak to us he said that when he was mission president he would ask his missionaries what the reason was for them to be on their missions. the missionaries gave him a plethora of answers but he said that the best answer he got was as simple as, "i came because i love the Lord, and i want to serve him." I thought about that, and i realized that i loved the Lord. but i could love him a lot more. my mission president said that if you learn more about Him, you will love Him more. And if you love Him more, you will love yourself more, and if you love yourself more then you can love everyone as well. it really opened my eyes. i never thought about it that way, but it is true. my my mission has now changed for the good. all because of the love of the Lord shown through some amazing parents, friends and mission leaders.

All is good here in Ghana. the weather is kinda weird right now. it is starting into the rainy season, but as of late it has only rained during the night making the days super humid, but it isn't too bad. soon it was start to rain loads. 
keep learning of Him. and then share his love to everyone. this gospel is true. and He lives and loves you!

I also love you all! keep it real ;)

Elder Ben  
exodus 22:18 

romans 8:38-39

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