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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Die Bugs, Die!

Hello Everyone! 

First of all i would like to just express to all who are reading them just how much i love you! a mission is HARD. but i could be more blessed to have such amazing friends and family to love and support me, so thank you all! 

I hope you all had as great of a week as i did! it is funny how it works.. no matter how hard the week may be i am still filled with joy. definitely a blessing straight from heaven. We had a good week teaching wise. we have kind of been filtering out our teaching pool and focusing on helping our investigators towards baptism. our people are progressing nicely!

We met this guy named J--- a few weeks ago, and since then we couldn't follow up with him, until Wednesday. we were just sitting in a lesson with someone and he came and put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I will see you after you are finished." and then walked off haha it was a little creepy but i was stoked to see him. so after our lesson we went to his house and started talking, and it was super powerful! the Spirit was there so strong, and we committed him to be baptized next month! unfortunately he couldn't make it to church this week because his grandmother got sick and they had to take her to the hospital.. but i am sure that he will come this week! 

This week was also interesting because since i have been in Dansoman, nothing has been wanting to really work out. it isn't that the people aren't great or that they aren't accepting our message, just that every time something comes up that pretty much puts their progression to a halt. but with every dark cloud there is a silver lining, and this week was definitely a silver lining.  At church our bishop came up to us and gave us a referral. he is 9 years old and is living with strong members and he told us that we need to teach him all the lessons this week and prepare him to be baptized this Sunday! hahhahah what?! and also we went to bishops house that night to teach a recent convert that lives in his house and we started talking to him for a bit. my companion started talking to him about the Ivorian woman we have been teaching, and that we had basically finished all the lessons with her and that soon she will go to Ivory Coast with her husband soon to get married legally and then baptized there. he asked us why we couldnt baptize her here, and we explained that we had talked to our ward mission leader about her situation and thought that he had talked to the bishop, but he didnt! haaha so turns out that in africa if the family of the man and the family of the woman both say that they are married then they are actually considered married by the government, and that we can baptize her!! i was so happy when i heard that!  so now we are going to her house this wednesday with bishop to talk to her and her husband and hopefully we will be able to baptize her either this week or the next! 
never give up!!! no effort is wasted, and no effort goes unnoticed by God! 

On Friday we were just about to start our companionship study when our house got raided by men coming to spray our house to kill all the bugs! we had to get out of the house super fast and there was spray everywhere!! it smelled so bad! hahahah but it was worth it for sure because i was so done with cockroaches lol we had to spend Saturday morning washing all our dishes and cleaning our apartment to get the smell out of the house so we wouldn't get sick. it was really quite a hysterical moment. 
i got a member in my ward to wash my clothes, so that was nice. i pray that she will continue hahhaha i lost my desire to wash my own clothes lol

We went to see one of our investigators and he was talking to someone on the phone, so he said, "hey my american friend is here, talk to him!" so i started talking with her on the phone and she asked me where i was from, and so i told her i was from Utah. she asked me if i was white, and i said yes lol and she said, "are you sure?? i don't believe you! you sound like a Ghanaian to me!" not going to lie i was super sad... i don't want to sound like a Ghanaian. as much as i love the people they sound like they are 5. so be prepared on mothers day i guess hahah i will do my best to speak american but i don't know if i will be able to pull it off.  i wont be giving my homecoming talk until i get my american accent back hahah i refuse. long ways away, but remember it ;) 

Anyway, this week was amazing! thank you once again for your love! i love you all so much! without a doubt the church is true. God loves you, and i love you so much! dont be afraid, only believe :) 


The crew thuggin during our apartment fumigation 
Elder Green from Arkansas 

Elder Nilsson from Springville 

Elder Kabasele from D.R. Congo

Elder Langi From Tonga

Elder Perry from Farmington 

Trying to save all my things from smelling like bug killer. Literally everything i own 

They are finishing the house next to us, and this guy was on the roof doing some work and i took a picture and he just started to do all these different poses hahahahaa super weird but it was funny

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