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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Adventures

Whats up everyone? 

I am so happy to see that you had a good week this week, and that you are all safe. i have definitely missed you all a ton lately. this new area has been so amazing, but so difficult at the same time! but i am happy and grateful for my trials, and pray that i am learning all the things that the Lord wants me to learn.

Our teaching pool is growing and doing well, but as of now we wont have any baptisms for a little while. things aren't really going our way, but i cant complain at all! i love being a missionary so much, and being here in this place with these amazing people and serving them is so great! We met this guy named P------ on Tuesday. he is so cool. we were just walking down the street and my companion stopped and backtracked and went down this road on which he was walking. we started talking to him and he is so nice! he is from Nigeria, and he is here to play football. just 6 months ago he converted to Christianity, and started going to church at some one man church. and when we met him we knew that God had prepared him just for us. we set a baptismal date with him, and he is doing so well! just another miracle from the Lord.

Saturday was such a blessing. we woke up and went to the chapel and went to the temple with the rest of our ward. we had around 50 members from our ward squished into one tro tro haha. i needed to feel that peace of the temple so much. even tho i didn't get to do too much, it didn't matter. the temple is a powerful place. When we got back to Dansoman, we got a call from our district leader saying that if we wanted to go to Keneshie they would be showing the Saturday morning session live there! so we got in a tro tro and traveled for about 30 minutes to the Keneshie stake center and watched the whole session! it was so nice! i felt like they were speaking directly to me, and saying all the things that i needed to hear! i have no doubt in my mind that they are God's prophets and apostles.
on Sunday, we had one investigator at church! sadly she cant get baptized until she becomes legally married to her husband, which in Africa is quite the process. it is sad. but she is amazing and will be such a strong member of the church one day.

Also, on Sunday at church we were told that they would show another session of general conference at Keneshie! so we went of course! i loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk so much! it was perfect! and after the conference i got to talk to Elder Finch, my mtc companion. it was so nice to see him and talk to him.
right when we got back to the apartment from general conference, another missionary called us and asked us if we were going to the next session. i had no idea that they were even going to play the next session, because it would have started at 8. so we called the zone leaders, and they said that we could go as long as we would be back to the apartment by 10. so we got back in a taxi and went to Keneshie again. when we got there, no one was there... hahaha they weren't showing the session. i was pretty sad, but at the same time i was so tired. so we just had to go back to the apartment.

This morning, we went to the gym lol. it has been a long time. a brother in our ward either owns or is a manager at this gym and it is soooo nice. i felt like i was back in the U.S. but we did some super sweaty and embarrassing aerobics, and then worked out on some of the machines. it was nice, and i felt pretty good after. turns out i haven't lost any weight since the last time i weighed myself. i am still at 160. but my face doesn't look so fat anymore. it must have gone somewhere else i guess haha. after that we just went to the mall and talked with some of the other missionaries. and i played 3 games of pool and no one could beat me haha probably just because i am only 6 months on mission and the people i was playing against only have like 6 months left lol. but i still won ;)

So this was my week. everything is good. just moving along, and trying my absolute best. things are great in Ghana :)

Have a wonderful week! enjoy the pleasant weather, and try to not miss me too much ;) love you!!!

Love, Elder Ben

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