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Monday, October 31, 2016

Ward Liberian

Hey family and friends,

This week was great! we had transfers and Elder Mantz made it to Swedru safely. We had a lot of trials this week for sure, but also so many miracles and good times! Elder Mantz is a big runner, and we went running twice this week. He was talking the whole time, smiling and not even breaking a sweat, while i was just trying to keep myself from falling over.. saw stars a couple times..

Most of our week was trying to find new people to teach. Our pool of serious investigators was just starting to get smaller and smaller, so we had to put on our walking shoes and get super dusty to find the elect.

One miracle we had this week was on Tuesday. We had a bit of a rough day finding and teaching, and in the evening we decided that we would go to see one of our investigators who lived pretty far from where we were. We got to the house, and for the first time, we were able to meet our investigators husband and teach him! At first he was a little skeptical about the Restoration, but we answered a lot of questions and he understood everything we taught him. Huge blessing. Hopefully we will be able to get the family into the gospel.

We are teaching someone who stays out in the bush part of our area, and she doesn't speak English very well so usually we have to go with a member to teach her. For some reason, each night we went to teach her we had a member who planned to go with us, but failed... so each time, we just had to go and do our best to speak English in the most simple for possible mixed with the very little Fanti we know.. and then try to understand her incredibly fast Fanti in return.. haha the lessons went better than i could ever imagine. I felt the Spirit so strong! She has a true desire to learn about the Savior and His gospel. In a situation like that, the Spirit says it all. She will be baptized in a couple weeks.
As we were leaving the lesson, she walked with us back to the road, and expressed that she was worried that she wouldn't be able to come to church the next morning because she didn't have any money, but that she would do her best to be there.

The next morning as church started she wasn't there. But after a few minutes i looked up and saw her sitting there listening! I am sure that she walked all the way from her house to the church with her child on her back. It would take about 15 minutes to take a taxi in that distance. I am still amazed with the faith that these people have. She will be so blessed for her sacrifice to keep her commitment to keep the commandments.

To explain the subject line, after church on Sunday, we had a "ward council meeting," i put parenthesis because our whole ward was there... lol but at the beginning, our bishop was taking roll, and at the end of the roll he called for the ward Liberian... hahah i looked around and saw this super skinny guy raise his hand. I asked a member if bishop meant to say ward librarian, and he said, "no, he really is from Liberia." hahahah Elder Mantz and i were laughing pretty hard! I guess to be a Liberian is now a calling.

This work is great! i love it here so much! sad to think it is more than half over..

The gospel is true!


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