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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Always Moving

Hello everyone,

This week was awesome, but it was also pretty hard. i found out on Tuesday that i would be leaving Achimota, and the whole week i was just sad to leave. WE ATE SO MUCH FOOD!! hahaha when some of the members found out that i was leaving, they all invited us over for a meal. We ate some banku, jollof, but mostly akbele. It was great, and it numbed my sadness a bit.

On Saturday, i found out where i was going tho, and it made me so happy!!! but also pretty nervous. I am going to Swedru to be with Elder Broadhead!! He was in my first apartment, and he is one of my best friends on mission! Plus, it is in Winneba zone! ah, i am so happy to go back there, and to be with Elder Broadhead, but the part that makes me nervous is that they want me to be a zone leader.. i was kind of hoping to just be a normal missionary for as long as possible, but it is okay. i am excited for a new adventure and excited to learn more. 

I am really going to miss Achimota. It has been a really fun 3 months with Elder Okereke and i am sad to leave. If i were to move to Ghana, i would definitely move to Achimota. 
Mission is crazy. You always have to be on your toes for whatever comes next. 

We have been really praying that we would be able to find some choice new investigators, and this Tuesday we went for our first appointment, which is with our strongest investigators, and one of their brothers and just moved from the upper west region to find a job here in Accra! He is just as golden as his sister! It was such a blessing. They all came to church yesterday, and now they are a nice, small family together in the true church. It made me so happy. I just pray that they will be able to find a new place to stay soon and hopefully they will all get baptized within the next two months.

This Saturday, we had a great day. The Ofankor stake center was dedicated, and in the morning we went out with a ton of the youth in the area to contact people and bring them to the church for the dedication. it was awesome to see so many young men and women so excited to talk to people and bring them to the church. We even had an opportunity to do some unplanned service. There were these two men trying to knock over a tree, so all the kids rushed to grab onto the rope and pull it down as i and some others pushed from the trunk. it almost fell on someone's house, but luckily it missed by inches. Then, the two men that we helped got swarmed by the youth and they contacted the both of them. hahah they didn't come to the dedication... ;) 

Missionary work is sweet, but sometimes it isn't so sweet. I am happy to go, but sad to leave. The good news is that the work continues and the gospel is still being preached. i am so grateful for the time i have had to serve in Achimota.

The Church is true, and the Book of Mormon is blue.



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