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My name is Ben Jamison Eldredge and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the next two years I will be sharing my testimony of the Gospel with the people of Ghana.

Monday, August 29, 2016


Happy Monday, everyone!

This week just flew by! Most of our week consisted of finding new people to teach, which i am not going to lie, is hard for me to get excited for. Contacting at least. But for some odd reason, i had such a great time finding new people and knocking on doors and talking to people. The best is when you go up to someone and you start to introduce yourself to them, and they just say men nti ooohhh haha or men nti brofo.. which means I don't hear, or i don't hear English. And the only thing you can say in response is also... me su men nti ooohhh hahaha which means me too i don't hear! lol sometimes you get a good laugh out of it.

Half way through the day one day, we prayed as a companionship for help to find new investigators, and that day, we went to our ward mission leaders house, and he referred his entire house to us! haha it was like 6 people. I would love to see that whole house become members :) Such a blessing from the Lord. Prayer is a powerful thing.

We attended a funeral this Saturday for our bishop's younger sister. It was very sad. It was a bit of a reality check even for me. We need to make the most of our mortal lives while we can. I am glad to have the knowledge of the plan of salvation, and i am sure that bishop and his family are as well.
I felt the Spirit so much as i sat there and thought about the plan of salvation. Our Heavenly Father truly truly loves each and every one of us personally.

I was reading in the Liahona about trusting in God's time. I love that talk by Elder Bednar. He gave a story about a man who was diagnosed with cancer just three weeks after he and his wife were married. The couple had so much faith that he would make it through his illness, and when Elder Bednar came to give him a blessing he asked him if he had the faith no to be healed.. Personally if i was in that situation, i don't know what i would say in response. But he was still faithful knowing that no matter what happened, it was all part of God's plan. I thought this story was amazing. Such a great example to all of us. It is so important to constantly build our faith and never stop.

This gospel is without a doubt true. It is the way for all of us to find true happiness. If you haven't found this out for yourself, please don't give up, keep searching.
I love you all so much, have a great week and be safe.


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